China PVD Chrome VS US PVD Chrome

China PVD Chrome VS US PVD Chrome


What is the difference?

You’ve heard it preached off the top of rooftops, “Buy American Made. Buy local. Support OUR economy.” At American PVD we believe that too and then some, but there is something to be said about quality and customer service.

So, what IS the difference between PVD produced overseas and PVD produced in that states? The answer; you get what you pay for.

We see it all day long. Aftermarket wheels mostly come overseas. Those who boast PVD coatings typically get the PVD process done overseas as well. PVD from China doesn’t have the same quality and durability, as you will find in the U.S. Why? It all comes down to trade secrets and proven recipes.

PVD from China is mostly an aluminum-based recipe. PVD from the U.S. has more chrome, which leads to a much more durable finish. (Sorry guys, the secret is out of the bag. Well… sort of.)

Here is one example of the PVD Chrome we see failing from China. To make this wheel bright and shiny this manufacturer chose to use more aluminum than chrome. Makes sense, comes out of the box looking beautiful. But after 16 months in the “field” (as we in the biz say) the finish on these wheels are failing. That is because this recipe isn’t as UV stable as what we can produce in the States. Between the materials they use and the knowledge they don’t seem to have looks like U.S. PVD Chrome wins again.

But why does the aluminum base PVD fail? Great question! Chrome is higher on the galvanic scale than aluminum. Which means….. aluminum oxidizes faster than aluminum. When aluminum oxidizes, it turns black.

Another difference between China PVD and PVD from the U.S. is that China PVD typically protects its metal layer with a liquid based clear coat which doesn’t have the scratch resistance that acrylic clear has. When PVD coaters in the U.S. use a powder coated acrylic clear coat your wheel acts just like the paint on your vehicle. Minor scratches can be polished out with the use of a paint polish like Novus polish or McGuires PVD Chrome polish.

A wise man once told us, “you can have either turn-around time, quality, customer service or price, but you can’t have all 4”. PVD Chrome Coaters from China can’t
possibly produce thousands of wheels for minimal profit and produce excellent quality. Unfortunately for consumers, the end product results in lots of failures. Don’t believe me? Without pointing fingers and getting myself into lots of trouble, start asking around to Aftermarket companies that sell PVD Chrome finishes. What is their warranty? What is their return policy on PVD? If the answer is anything less than 3 years or you’re seeing negative customer service reviews on returns then you have your answer.

Of course I can tell you American PVD Coatings’ PVD Chrome is the best on the market. We are truly proud of the product we sell. We offer a 5 year warranty, fair warranty program and knowledgeable customer service that can help you through your questions and concerns. Better yet, we are the first commercialized PVD Chrome finisher. APVD has been around the block a few times. Our recipes have been tested and proven. If we can’t make you happy we will help you find someone who can.